The Renaissance of Laura


Today is Jan 29th, which means I have attempted to write this post about 23 times over the course of this month.  And for whatever reason  fear – the reason is fear, I have not been able to publish it. But with all the things that are going on in the world (which is the result of fear), and for the strength of the masses to standing up to the Powers that Be, I am going to rewrite this post and put it out there for all to see: what I want, what I need, and what I will have in the coming year.

The photo below, is my attempt at a mind map/manifesto for 2017. It was a bit of a fail on the mind map side of things – but it was effective nonetheless. It started with my take on the Three Words exercise that was started by Chris Brogan.  But what I ended up with was so much more.

Lets start with what is glaring us in the face. The fridge magnet that holds up my 2017 life plan. “Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do”. This was a gift given to me by the great Tris Hussey, on the day he insisted that I learn to blog because I had a voice worth listening to. It was a time when I was uncertain about my skills (in anything), as well as the kind of person I was (at the time). Tris showed that I was/am valid. That I had something to say – and he made sure that people were going to read that story. I find myself back in this place again. Unsure of myself and of my skills – and this time I have to cope without his help. But the lessons are still there. All I have to do is try- and if I fail, and find out along the way that this new thing is what I want – I just have to keep trying, until it works.

Three Words – basically the point of choosing 3 words to define your year, is that you choose words to help apply to your goals – and help you make better choices. The words I have chosen for 2017 are: Know, Imagine, and Sparkle.  

Know – is to get me to slow down. To pay attention to what is going on around me, and to really understand the lessons I am learning. It is also there to remind me to listen to others. Actively listen – to ask appropriate questions. And to get out of my own head.

Imagine – is to remind me that there are possibilities all around me. That everything can be an inspiration if you just twist it around in your hands a bit, so you can let it take shape. Imagine was chosen because I need to travel, explore, and experience life.

Sparkle – I am way too introverted for my own good (and this is a pattern that has already repeated itself in 2017). If I wanted, my agoraphobic tendencies would get the better of me, and I would never leave my apartment. This is to remind me to be a better me. That it most likely wouldn’t kill me, to strike up a conversation with a stranger now and again. Its there to tell me to deal with my anxieties, and to laugh at myself when I fail.

When you add the 3 words together, a grander picture comes into focus. A year full of great change, and promise, and excitement. A Laurenaissance*, if you will.

This blog is a project of sorts, a way for me to come back and figure out the next steps to take for a more fulfilling creative life, after losing my teaching practice. I have no idea what I want to do next, I only know that I need to do something. That sitting around mourning over my old life is not at all helping me. So this is a bit of an active exercise. If you want to chime in with advice, and stories, and lists of things that excite you – that would be most welcome – because passionate people are inspiring. And inspiration is what I am looking for.

One last thing before I sign off tonight. Thank you to Phil Gerbyshak for really encouraging this project, and gently pushing me to hit the publish button – and for being a really great friend and mentor over the past several weeks. I absolutely adore how our friendship has blossomed over the last 2 months, after 8 (?) years of just liking the occasional post one of us writes on Facebook.  I’m so happy to have you in my corner.

*Laurenaissance -a time of change. Because things will happen, when you say YES!

6 thoughts on “The Renaissance of Laura

    • Thanks, its both scary and exciting. I have not really thought what comes after teaching – since I fully expected to do it forever. Its an adventure I wasn’t quite prepared for, but it started without me, so I best get on board quick.


  1. First, a huge congratulations to you for publishing the first post (I’ve been in suspense for months it feels, so I was extra excited to see you back at it), and second, I *love* this Three Words exercise! By woeking on you, you’ve inspired me.


    • Thanks Alicia! your words mean so much to me. Silly being so scared of writing a little post, when I written hundreds of them before. The Three Words exercise is excellent – I don’t know why, but it really only works with 3 words. Its the “golden trio”. Ive used one word to define a year, and it doesnt work for me – 3 seems to work for everyone. I always have to restrain myself though – because I naturally want to choose 12 words, but since I get easily overwhelmed, that is probably not a good idea. I cant wait to see how this little inspiration manifests itself in YOU!


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