My Dreams Cause Sleeplessness


I am currently in a system of insomnia. This time its caused by my dreams. Funny how that works. I am able to sleep for a couple of hours (before midnight), but then something happens in my dream, and I wake up – and my brain refuses to go back to sleep.  Sometimes its because something frightening has happened, or sometimes like tonight its just confused.

Lately, I have woken up after I have been beheaded- and I am dancing around like a no-headed chicken. Sometimes my head pops off like a piece of lego, and sometimes its bloodier. But the result is the same. Dancing around without a head. I don’t need to look up an interpretation of this to tell me that I am stressed, and I should probably do something about it.

Tonight’s dream though, had to do with the fact that I don’t eat organic oranges. Feel free to interpret that one. I don’t think I have earned my sleeplessness tonight.

*Photo by Kema Keur via Flickr

6 thoughts on “My Dreams Cause Sleeplessness

    • Thank you for the suggestion. I am not completely unfamiliar with meditation especially for sleep issues. And I have found that it definitely calms me, if I have had an anxious sleep. But so far I have not had much success with it helping me to fall asleep after a weird or upsetting dream. I am open to new types and apps – and will try out your suggestion. 🙂

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      • Oh I have had this all my life. I have had terrible anxiety dreams since I was a child. Id wake from a night terror or anxiety dream and not be able to fall back asleep Nothing has ever really helped with it. Medication, meditation, herbal teas/supplements. Acupuncture has been the thing that has worked the best for me. But one treatment only lasts for 2 or 3 nights at the longest.

        Most of the time though, I just wait it out until I crash hard.

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  1. Oh I am exhausted all the time. I can usually get a few hours of sleep a night until about midnight. So the earlier I can get to sleep the better (in terms of actual hours slept), but my sleep is always stressed. Im always looking for a solution though.

    I did spend a few years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- (where I didn’t dream at all, unless it was from meds). But I consider myself fully recovered now (though i do get the occasional flare up – mostly due to not sleeping consistent regular hours). And given the choice -I would rather live life this way (vivid anxiety dreams/insomnia) – at least I am able to manage a life of sorts.


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