Its Gonna Be Great

IMG_1953The past couple of years a lot of us have moved away from making resolutions, and instead have chosen three words to focus on for the coming year.  I have been one of those people.  In the past, I have chosen words like: practice, learn, imagine,  sparkle, engage.  Some of the words I have chosen were completely within my comfort zone, and some were ones that I simply wanted more of in my life – because at the time they were nonexistent.

For example, practice is something I do everyday – if I am referencing my guitar.  Sparkle on the other hand – is something I am still lacking, unfortunately.  But I am not going to punish myself for being a bit dull.  I will simply add it to this years list – along with 3 more.  But I am going to do something a bit different this year- and that is add some specific action items to go along with each word.  I will say, that I plan on keeping up with my regime from 2017 – practicing every day (trying to reach 90 minutes), reading every day, and cooking at home as much as possible (maybe even try to learn proper spanish cooking this year).

So here is my list of 3 words + 1 word from last year.

Broaden – this refers to my outlook.  So I plan to travel, go outside, talk to strangers (good luck Laura), take myself out on solo dates once a week, learn a new language, look for new opportunities (purposely vague) and listening to podcasts.  Things that i plan on continuing – reading every day (incorporating more non-fiction).

Float – this is to remind me that I need to let things go.  If a plan doesn’t work out -I shouldn’t get upset, rather I should learn from it – and understand that there are reasons for things not working out.  Just let things happen, and don’t force them.  It’ good to paddle.  But sometimes we need to let go of the control.

Energy – I spent most of 2017 in rehab for an injured elbow.  I have come a long way – and I am ready to move into more intensive forms of exercise.  Along with a physical therapy regime that puts me in the gym/therapy offices 3 days a week, I will commit to a daily yoga practice – which I will steadily improve on, with an aim of getting to an actual class in a yoga studio by the end of June.  I have already gone back to a vegetarian diet – and am looking forward to getting into a stricter vegan diet, because that is I feel best when I don’t eat or drink animal products.  As well, I am going to practice becoming less introverted this year. I spent 2017 turning down invitations and instead spending time reading or alone thinking.  Its time to add some people into my life.

And last but not least – Sparkle.  The only thing I managed to do last year, is grow my hair, and get my skin looking healthier.  Im not really sure what sparkle really entails – but I think its along the lines of looking and feeling my best – and maybe smiling a little bit more than occasionally.  So thats the plan for 2018.

Do you have any resolutions/focus words for 2018? If you feel like sharing, I’d love to read them. Maybe we can help each other reach our goals.