Because I’m Really A 90’s Girl

Do you ever notice that the shoes you wear can completely change the way you walk.  For the most part, I skulk around wearing purple moccasins.  And I shuffle along feeling invisible.  And I don’t mind that so much.  When I get exercise I have bright pink running shoes-  but those are mostly so I can be seen in the dark- and I don’t think about how I am moving, just as long as I am moving.  But this morning, I went out for a 5am walk, wearing the Doc Marten boots I will be taking to Vienna in a couple of weeks.

Here’s the thing about wearing these boots – I walk with purpose. I feel like I could seriously kick someone’s ass.  And those who know me well, know that I would never do that.  But I do love feeling like I can.  I haven’t worn Docs since I left the 90s behind, but putting them on again (albeit a way more grown up style), makes me feel like I have some swagger.

It’s funny that a pair of shoes can do that.  It’s not like they are stilettos or really expensive shoes. But the way they make me feel is youthful, that I can get things done, and that I am on an adventure.  That the world is mine to discover.

And I haven’t felt like that since 1999.

*The shoes I am wearing are Dr. Martens Flora Ankle Boot in Cherry Red Arcadia (Chelsea Boots).

PS. Now if I could just find Hush Puppies mules in powder blue suede, I would be so happy with my shoe collection (for a little while).





2 thoughts on “Because I’m Really A 90’s Girl

    • I will wear them, next time we hang out. I found a chocolate pair of the hush puppies on eBay. I might have to get those, to help me bide the time until I can find powder blue ones.


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