Counting Down


I don’t travel enough to have the packing situation down. I’m a one carry-on bag kind of girl. if you have ever traveled with me, you know that I have issues when it comes to checking luggage, customs always gets involved, and its a nightmare.  I blame the fact that my last name is Bzowy. So I bypass the problem entirely, and only pack what fits into a Filson duffle bag.  I basically look like I am a construction worker (I’m fairly sure this stuff is made from carhartt work pants), but it meets the requirements of a carry on bag, and I can pack enough stuff for 2 weeks abroad.  Also, I don’t think this bag will ever wear out.  So Im happy.  No need to be stylish – if its going in an overhead compartment anyway.

I just wish I had a cat to tell me what to pack for 2 weeks away.  Im trying to pare things down. I’d like to leave a little room in my bag to bring home some trinkets – so far that isn’t happening.

What do you always pack, but never use?  I could use some ideas on what to unpack.

*Kiki’s Delivery Service image from Pinterest.

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