Something Always Goes Wrong


When I travel, I prepare a lot. I make lists, I check them 10 times, I pack, and then repack, and then reassess what I actually need, and then repack about 3 more times.  I take a carry on and a purse only.  It doesn’t matter for how long I plan on being away.  I will only take one bag (non-checked). Unless of course, I decide to play concerts around the world – and then Im hooped.  But for now, one bag only.

It doesn’t matter how well I prepare though, something always goes wrong.  I once moved 3 provinces away, and packed my plane tickets in my moving boxes, which were sent ahead of me flying out.  I have dropped my passport along with the rest of my ID on a flight to a friend’s wedding – with no identification to get back home.  I have lost luggage (technically not my fault) – and I usually spend  2 hrs or more in customs being interrogated for what, I have no idea why.  But it happens just about every time I fly internationally. And every time I have checked a bag.

Today, my replacement credit card came in the mail.  Yippee!  Except I can’t remember the pin number, and the credit card company will send it to me in 10 days time, via the post.  Arghh!  I take my card to the bank – but they won’t assign me a new pin. I have another card- but I never use it. Will only use in emergencies – like if my brother’s head falls off – and I have to bribe someone to donate their head as a replacement.  Then I would consider using this card.

Ah budget traveling.  Its going to be fun!

*The photo really has nothing to do with this post – except that I am going to Vienna and really want to ride the ferris wheel.  Photo source  – Laraine Batemen via flickr


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