Eine Kleine Naschmarkt


If you can’t make a Mozart pun in Vienna, where in the world can you?

After a very slow start this morning (I have been bitten badly by the jet lag bug), we spent a bit of time at the Naschmarkt.  Since I spent most of the morning asleep, we got there about an hour before closing, but there was still plenty to see.  I will have to go back next weekend, because I found pieces to add to my china cupboard – the most incredible pieces that are made in Poland, and lovely scarves for only 5 euros each – I may come back with at least 4.

I am a bit disappointed in myself, that I only remembered to take out my camera near the very end of the market, and only when I saw someone else do the same thing. Because there were so many things I would have liked to have mementos of – not only of the china, and scarves – but the colours of the foods, spices, hummus, nuts, and teas (oh the teas!), and the most colourful olives and cheeses I have ever seen.

Next weekend the vendors will be getting a large portion of my paycheque – with any luck I can add a zither to my list of treasures that I plan on purchasing.

Good night Vienna.





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